As I am writing this blog, I am currently listening to a different type of music – something that I have just discovered this year. Pretty much a great detour of my typical RnB Blues. I mean, I could say that i grew up listening to soul and RnB and this could possibly be the reason why I become melancholic more than usual. Do you ever have that feeling?

Probably you have known Chillstep before i did. And for some of you, you still may haven’t tried pressing play yet. Why did I succumb to this genre ever so lately in my life?Hmm. Better late than never, I guess.

Well, for me it’s a mixture of both of the genre’s I like. I like music where I can relax  and stay put and also where I can dance to it’s rhythm. For me it is very calming.Really Calming. I could not fully describe the tune to you right now since I’m really not that inclined to the music lingo.

I came across this playlist while I was trying to work online, saying to myself that I need something that would help me inspire to write and get motivated. And I am glad that I stumbled upon this magnificence in the land called Youtube. Even though most of the songs played doesn’t have words in it or some would be generous enough to throw in some oohs and ahhs in between, there is something in it that really lures me to be just calm.

Whenever I listen to it, i feel like I amin a whole new dimension. All frilly, dreamy and happy.


Take a step into a chiller dimension.


Elle ❤



Will you smile for me?

Yes, just let me see that little dimple in your cheeks every time you smile. The wrinkle in your nose when you say ‘No’ but smile anyway.

Will you dance with me?

Yes, I don’t care if you have two left feet or both of them are right. Just sway me under the moonlit sky and play a pretty darn song – all is fine with me.

Will you lay here with me?

With you by my side, I feel less vulnerable and only being wrapped in your arms do I find solace and peace.

Will you take a chance on me?

And be my forever and beyond.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Dark Brown Stock

I guess it’s better to start this month with a challenge. This is my first time to join in a blogging challenge and it was just timely that about a week ago, I had done on what seemed to be this week’s challenge. A photo taken from a view from the top. Yipee!

I took this picture since I wanted to rekindle my passion in cooking. And to make a scrumptious meal – you need to have the basics. It’s a must that you have a good batch of stock. And in this picture, I was going to make a dark brown stock.

Since I wanted to be done earlier than expected, I roasted all the ingredients altogether in the oven. This makes it more efficient for me since I won’t have to divide my attention.

Then, the stock I made was used for my Boeuf Bourguinon. And luckily, the dish was delicious. Although the meat was still not tender despite simmering it for three hours or so. I should have bought the Beef Chuck but it was just too expensive. Instead, I used the Top Round.

Well, there is still more opportunities to make another batch! 😀


❤ Elle


Hey, it’s it not?

Wow! It’s 2013 ! Everybody alive and still blogging? Hell Yeah!

So far, So good. It’s still the start of the first quarter of the Year, everything should still be in order. (teehee!)

Many of you might already have goals made for this year. Alot of you might have been able to get a really good jumpstart – energized and inspired!

Me? Everyday is still a blank page – a new leaf unfolding. I wouldn’t say I am currently living in a state of spontaneity but if I do, Wouldn’t it be awesome that you are letting God grace your way, being guided by Him every step of the way? 😀

My Plans change everyday though my goals are set – set it in a way there i still room for new (and better) goals. I need to change my plans in order to reach my goals. I mean, circumstances change everyday as well as opportunites.

Yeah, I’m babbling again. Wah! it feels so nice to be back here and write again. It’s unnerving and relaxing to just be able speak your mind.

Throwback? Hmm. A lot has happened in my 2012 that I am slowly accepting the facts. 2012 has helped me in a lot of ways I can’t even imagine it happened but I don’t think 2013 would let 2012 take all the glory, right? (hehe) I’m sure that 2013 and I will have another fulfilling thrilling ride!


Thrilled, Elle ❤


You’re like sand,

i can’t hold you forever.

A patch of wound,

its hard to recover.

I could never be free,

i could never tell how much you mean to me.

A cliche with empty words, a cliche i’ll never tell.

upside down, inside and out

your name is all my heart can shout.

i learned to breathe when you’re by my side

when i was sober and then my heart resides.

when you hear me with this writing i hope you know this is not just another greeting

we got a long just fine i really thought “you were mine” we started off well but our future,hmmm..i could not fore tell

wishes and wishing that’s all i ever do wishes and dreams that’s all we ever had.

Calm Sea

…or is it?

I was sitting in the ferry, waiting for us to arrive at our paradise island.

In the middle of nowhere, One has to know how to entertain herself.

And yes, I stare in awe at the natural wonders of the world.

This is my ‘soul entertainment.’


At this point, I wanted the ferry to stop so I could dive into the waters. But the ferry was already moving slow, so I guess it was better to chill in my seat. (And besides, I’m not really a good swimmer. How deep do you think this is??)

Just by looking at the photo, it calms me down. Does it have a the same effect on you?


This is me.

Nah, just kidding. I wasn’t the only one who managed to stop and stare at the marvelous creation. This little girl did too.

If only I get to see this everyday, maybe I too would be as peaceful and as tranquil as these waters.

(Heck, why not the whole world? May be by then everybody would be at peace.)


Mesmerized, Elle.