And She lives.

“And she wonders how she could make it. Her knees got scraped from crawling under and her foot was covered all in mud. She couldn’t see well what lies in front of her but she knew she needed to get away. Staying alive was the only motivation she had in order to move forward. What seem like an eternity, she finally saw a light. Eyes blinking, she could see a silhouette of someone. She waits until she hears a voice before moving closer. Her heart was pounding loudly beneath her chest and she could feel every muscle in her body quiver. She covers her face into thinking that she would not be seen but the silhouette figure came into view and the silence between them broke. It was a man.Her fear grew more as she saw the man. She could not run and it was no use screaming under the tunnels. As she saw his face, she broke down into tears. She was saved.”

This is an original piece of mine. I wrote it here, at exactly RIGHT NOW. It’s the beginning of the year and I really don’t have much promises to make rather than TO LIVE. My presence here in the virtual world have not been felt. (I feel you, I have been elsewhere with lots of excuses as to why I am not able to write – here.)

The Intro post and the title itself always has another story to tell. Over the past year, we have lived. Some may not have the best of the best while some may have a sprinkle or a couple of “bad” shots in their life. But you see, I won’t beat around the bush here.In spite of everything that has happened, we are still blessed no what matter what – I am Blessed. We are still given another day with another hope that we will once again rise from the ashes from where we came. (Whoa, I know I heard that line from somewhere). Yes, we are given another day ( more days, If you please) to live – to live out what we are capable of ; to live the dreams we need to conquer ;to take care of the people that we love ; to travel and TO INSPIRE.

Once in a while, amidst the obstacles we face, God always sends an angel to guide us – to pick us up when we’re down and to show us that we can get better and be better than we once were.

And that is why I say to you – She lives.



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