Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In love!

It’s Friday and you could be in Love. It’s the day where you see every couple stained in red – red flowers, red heart-shaped cakes and red balloons everywhere. You see the Color of Love everywhere! Well, it’s Valentines Day!

So here I am, riding the waves of my thoughts about today. Nay, about my week. I have been out of the market scene for quite a long time and it has amused me too see young men squeeze in some of their time to buy bouquets and bonbons for their girlfriends. I have not been out during Valentines Day, not during the rush hour though. And now I have seen it with own eyes howbusy things can get during Valentines Day. Oh Boy!

Let me trace back to the first day of the week. Instead being sad and feel lonely that I don’t have Mr. Valentine this year, some cosmic deity must have seen me sad and sent some angels to humor me. During our shift, students were there to help carry some of the workload and we were glad that they can. As the day continued, most of the students asked me about things regarding the patients, the stations and the stocks on-hand. I usually get annoyed with queries but for some reason, I liked the attention since it distracted me from feeling tired. And so I answered their questions with a warm heart and after that, it always left a smile on my face. The feeling was like seeing my crush. I got all fluttery and all.

The feeling made me recall about love. The kind of feeling where you can’t seem to stop smiling and you just smile for no reason. That feeling when you just can’t stop the butterflies fluttering in your tummy or that constant replay of the sweet moments in your head. That kind of feeling. It wasn’t just Friday that I was in love. It was a week long celebration of Love. And I hope and pray that it would last a lifetime.

It has been Friday, and it’s always safe to say that I am in Love. It may not be with someone in particular but I celebrate the love of my Family and of my friends. I am thankful of my friends, who are despite not being single, doesn’t make me feel that I am alone when I am with them. Thank you. It really means a lot. 🙂

It was a fun and interesting week.

Anything could happen.We could happen.

Oh, the endless possibilities 🙂


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