Staying connected.

I’m having that kind of feeling again where I wish that a computer or notepad is set-up on one of my limbs – preferably my brain. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the filter mode is on.

Why? Because I may have forgotten one of my dime a dozen ideas, stories, poems, lyrics and probably my meaningful rants of all time. I’m not the best writer but I love to write. But I guess it’s not enough for me to write on ball point and on paper anymore. I feel more engaged when I use the computer. Too modern? Nah, I’d say I become more efficient when I type nowadays. I use the computer now because our typewriter got lost in the ages. I don’t know where it went. It would have been cool re-winding the ribbons in order to have more ink to write and hear it clink at the end of every line.Oh well, those were the days.

When it comes to blogging, I really don’t have the “patience” when I write by hand. I am used to writing short stories with the computer, ONLY. Yeah, I’m wired that way. When I write by hand, I only write really really short notes or poems. That way it doesn’t numb my wrists or phalanges in the process.

Ugh. It’s frustrating I can’t remember what I always want to write. I used to have WordPress on my smartphone but it wasn’t smart enough since it doesn’t work well with the current software. And so I can only use the desktop and it’s not a private domain as I am not the only one who use it.

This may sound another excuse to not be able to reach my goal. You’re probably right or not. Who knows. I might be boiling a brilliant blog post coming soon. (or not)

(This is ridiculous.*facepalm*)



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