Reading, writing, thinking.

Tuned in my favorite playlist channel in Youtube and is currently in trance while writing. As I listen to the beat, words just flow and I write what I am thinking instantly. It’s not quite an easy task as my mind is quicker than the way I type. Nonetheless, I’m ignited to write tonight about just anything. So, excuse me for anything unpleasant as some of it may be unpleasant or out of sync since it’s semi-filtered. (Semi-filtered, eh?)

I wanted to write something meaningful – plans, directions, actions that need to be taken – as this has what my month has been. Is this too early for a month-end entry? 🙂

Anyway, I plan to make this blog livelier and more vibrant because there are times that it has earned a lot more of the cobwebs and dust bunnies than that of likes and awards (not that I’m fishing for it). But as you notice in my site, it does get pretty dusty and lacks color. My plan before was to add pictures and maybe throw in some Vlogs here and there. But I lack the resources and believe me, I am a bit ambitious when it comes to photography and the effects in the videos. Though I lack the expertise and the resources to create one. Boohoo! I don’t even have a decent camera to take photos for my food blog. i do have a camera on hand but it fails me every time since it only allows me less than 10 pictures taken before it dies. And it’s on new batteries every time! Tsk.

But A friend of mine wrote on her blog that somehow most of the people enjoy reading an article when there are photos involved. I agree. I am a visual person and I like reading into blogs that are not only whimsically written but also has some visual materials to show. But I also liked the part where she said that it would lack creativity in the mind of the reader and that it is best for the reader to let her mind play the scenario in the head, just like we always do when we read a favorite book.

I have always had an imaginative mind. I could say creative but I don’t know how to express it. I am scared and by it, I reject myself. But blogging helps. It has become my outlet – my creative jungle – where you can be you (or not) and connect with people who has the same interest as you.

That is yet a cruise I will take.If not now, soon.

In trance, Elle.


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