Let the Sunshine in,


feel the warmth of it’s rays touch your skin.
Let the light illuminate the dark in your life.
Let the Sunshine in.


And She lives.

“And she wonders how she could make it. Her knees got scraped from crawling under and her foot was covered all in mud. She couldn’t see well what lies in front of her but she knew she needed to get away. Staying alive was the only motivation she had in order to move forward. What seem like an eternity, she finally saw a light. Eyes blinking, she could see a silhouette of someone. She waits until she hears a voice before moving closer. Her heart was pounding loudly beneath her chest and she could feel every muscle in her body quiver. She covers her face into thinking that she would not be seen but the silhouette figure came into view and the silence between them broke. It was a man.Her fear grew more as she saw the man. She could not run and it was no use screaming under the tunnels. As she saw his face, she broke down into tears. She was saved.”

This is an original piece of mine. I wrote it here, at exactly RIGHT NOW. It’s the beginning of the year and I really don’t have much promises to make rather than TO LIVE. My presence here in the virtual world have not been felt. (I feel you, I have been elsewhere with lots of excuses as to why I am not able to write – here.)

The Intro post and the title itself always has another story to tell. Over the past year, we have lived. Some may not have the best of the best while some may have a sprinkle or a couple of “bad” shots in their life. But you see, I won’t beat around the bush here.In spite of everything that has happened, we are still blessed no what matter what – I am Blessed. We are still given another day with another hope that we will once again rise from the ashes from where we came. (Whoa, I know I heard that line from somewhere). Yes, we are given another day ( more days, If you please) to live – to live out what we are capable of ; to live the dreams we need to conquer ;to take care of the people that we love ; to travel and TO INSPIRE.

Once in a while, amidst the obstacles we face, God always sends an angel to guide us – to pick us up when we’re down and to show us that we can get better and be better than we once were.

And that is why I say to you – She lives.



Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In love!

It’s Friday and you could be in Love. It’s the day where you see every couple stained in red – red flowers, red heart-shaped cakes and red balloons everywhere. You see the Color of Love everywhere! Well, it’s Valentines Day!

So here I am, riding the waves of my thoughts about today. Nay, about my week. I have been out of the market scene for quite a long time and it has amused me too see young men squeeze in some of their time to buy bouquets and bonbons for their girlfriends. I have not been out during Valentines Day, not during the rush hour though. And now I have seen it with own eyes howbusy things can get during Valentines Day. Oh Boy!

Let me trace back to the first day of the week. Instead being sad and feel lonely that I don’t have Mr. Valentine this year, some cosmic deity must have seen me sad and sent some angels to humor me. During our shift, students were there to help carry some of the workload and we were glad that they can. As the day continued, most of the students asked me about things regarding the patients, the stations and the stocks on-hand. I usually get annoyed with queries but for some reason, I liked the attention since it distracted me from feeling tired. And so I answered their questions with a warm heart and after that, it always left a smile on my face. The feeling was like seeing my crush. I got all fluttery and all.

The feeling made me recall about love. The kind of feeling where you can’t seem to stop smiling and you just smile for no reason. That feeling when you just can’t stop the butterflies fluttering in your tummy or that constant replay of the sweet moments in your head. That kind of feeling. It wasn’t just Friday that I was in love. It was a week long celebration of Love. And I hope and pray that it would last a lifetime.

It has been Friday, and it’s always safe to say that I am in Love. It may not be with someone in particular but I celebrate the love of my Family and of my friends. I am thankful of my friends, who are despite not being single, doesn’t make me feel that I am alone when I am with them. Thank you. It really means a lot. 🙂

It was a fun and interesting week.

Anything could happen.We could happen.

Oh, the endless possibilities 🙂

Staying connected.

I’m having that kind of feeling again where I wish that a computer or notepad is set-up on one of my limbs – preferably my brain. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the filter mode is on.

Why? Because I may have forgotten one of my dime a dozen ideas, stories, poems, lyrics and probably my meaningful rants of all time. I’m not the best writer but I love to write. But I guess it’s not enough for me to write on ball point and on paper anymore. I feel more engaged when I use the computer. Too modern? Nah, I’d say I become more efficient when I type nowadays. I use the computer now because our typewriter got lost in the ages. I don’t know where it went. It would have been cool re-winding the ribbons in order to have more ink to write and hear it clink at the end of every line.Oh well, those were the days.

When it comes to blogging, I really don’t have the “patience” when I write by hand. I am used to writing short stories with the computer, ONLY. Yeah, I’m wired that way. When I write by hand, I only write really really short notes or poems. That way it doesn’t numb my wrists or phalanges in the process.

Ugh. It’s frustrating I can’t remember what I always want to write. I used to have WordPress on my smartphone but it wasn’t smart enough since it doesn’t work well with the current software. And so I can only use the desktop and it’s not a private domain as I am not the only one who use it.

This may sound another excuse to not be able to reach my goal. You’re probably right or not. Who knows. I might be boiling a brilliant blog post coming soon. (or not)

(This is ridiculous.*facepalm*)


Reading, writing, thinking.

Tuned in my favorite playlist channel in Youtube and is currently in trance while writing. As I listen to the beat, words just flow and I write what I am thinking instantly. It’s not quite an easy task as my mind is quicker than the way I type. Nonetheless, I’m ignited to write tonight about just anything. So, excuse me for anything unpleasant as some of it may be unpleasant or out of sync since it’s semi-filtered. (Semi-filtered, eh?)

I wanted to write something meaningful – plans, directions, actions that need to be taken – as this has what my month has been. Is this too early for a month-end entry? 🙂

Anyway, I plan to make this blog livelier and more vibrant because there are times that it has earned a lot more of the cobwebs and dust bunnies than that of likes and awards (not that I’m fishing for it). But as you notice in my site, it does get pretty dusty and lacks color. My plan before was to add pictures and maybe throw in some Vlogs here and there. But I lack the resources and believe me, I am a bit ambitious when it comes to photography and the effects in the videos. Though I lack the expertise and the resources to create one. Boohoo! I don’t even have a decent camera to take photos for my food blog. i do have a camera on hand but it fails me every time since it only allows me less than 10 pictures taken before it dies. And it’s on new batteries every time! Tsk.

But A friend of mine wrote on her blog that somehow most of the people enjoy reading an article when there are photos involved. I agree. I am a visual person and I like reading into blogs that are not only whimsically written but also has some visual materials to show. But I also liked the part where she said that it would lack creativity in the mind of the reader and that it is best for the reader to let her mind play the scenario in the head, just like we always do when we read a favorite book.

I have always had an imaginative mind. I could say creative but I don’t know how to express it. I am scared and by it, I reject myself. But blogging helps. It has become my outlet – my creative jungle – where you can be you (or not) and connect with people who has the same interest as you.

That is yet a cruise I will take.If not now, soon.

In trance, Elle.

Out of Habit

I stare at the blank page, full of mystery and wonder.

Looking out at the world hoping to find something within, of something deeper.

To carry out the divine plan plotted out for me,

to be where I am and what he has made me to be.

But sometimes, I am more human than holy.

To break the cycle over and over is a habit in itself,

but worry not for it is journey we must embrace.

Lessons learned and bridges burned, Love lost and Love found,

we are certainly making history out of habits, good and bad.


Intro to 2014.

I have been IN on the waiting-game, whether I should just start typing my thoughts and pour my heart out or wait for that one in a billion idea on what I should write about. But, almost than never, I work by impulse so, here I am slowly clicking and tapping the keys on my keyboard and just start talking to you (figuratively and virtually).

So, what are my plans? I am planning to commit myself in blogging ONCE a week. Yes, I am going to commit myself in doing so. AND, that is all. That is going to be my first resolution for 2014. LOL!


Elle ❤